Application - FlightDaemon

Application - FlightDaemon

Postby FlightDemon » Sun Feb 09, 2014 1:58 pm

Screename Ingame: FlightDaemon
Age: 21
Mic: Always
Vent: Yes
Game Division Applying for (Battlefield/Dayz/Warz/Other): Battlefield 4
Other Games played: Looking to get DayZ standalone as soon as I get the money; otherwise, various games on Steam
References from skull: Zeta_WolfXX, though not directly. Looking to join after playing in a game with him in squad and, after he mentioned that other SkL members communicated like he was at the time, came here looking to join.
Should -=SkuLL=- accept me, Why?: I'm always looking for communication from my squadmates and perform at my best when given direction. I always do better when acting according to a plan, and am looking to help out by finding a group that will allow me to work more frequently with others as a team instead of getting stuck in some random squad with 4 other lone wolves.
Additional Info: Yes, there ARE people who bring defibs on maps other than Operation Locker. I'm one of them.
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Re: Application - FlightDaemon

Postby NickFury271 » Sun Feb 09, 2014 5:03 pm

Thanks for checking out Skull! Make sure you read our RULES and check out our Ventrilo Info to help you connect to vent. When you are on the Ventrilo server join the "Help and Recruits" channel and one of the admins will get you all set. Bravo zulu and good hunting!

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