Request to join Skull

Request to join Skull

Postby maxsmith855 » Tue Mar 29, 2016 1:09 pm

Screename Ingame: Mountainsss
Link to Battlelog page: ... 748641/pc/
Age: 16
Do you have a Microphone: Yes!
Do you have Ventrilo Installed: Yeah I installed it
Game Division Applying for (Battlefield/Dayz/Warz/Other): Batllefield 3
Other Games played: CSGO, BF4, GMOD, GTA V, L4D2, Payday 2, many others.
References from skull: None, I haven't really talked much in chat on the server :P
Should -=SkuLL=- accept me, Why?: Because you said you wanted me! Lol, jk, I actually think it would be a great opportunity to be a part of the group that runs the server that I play on constantly. I'm pretty good at being a medic, and I think I'm valuable to my team.
Additional Info: I really like the server on BF3 (the "noobs" only one) and all of the Skull players are really good and I think that It would be great to join Skull. My K/D is a little low but I'm normally near the top of the scoreboard. My old name was iS_Tsunami, but I changed my name. So you might know me from that old name. I normally play on the weekends, but I have school during the week so I won't be on too much in the week. I am on spring break right now so I'll be playing a good bit. :D
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Re: Request to join Skull

Postby Frankgt3 » Tue Mar 29, 2016 1:17 pm

I'm sorry I'll have to deny this application. We are currently accepting 18+. Please, feel free to continue playing on our servers!
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SkuLL Jíbaro
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