Why don't games have a "multi-monitor" mode?

Why don't games have a "multi-monitor" mode?

Postby Johneames » Fri Oct 06, 2017 5:17 am

Hi there,

So here me out before you think i'm stupid, but when I say multi-monitor mode, what I mean is like the game that got me thinking about this to begin with. I was playing Planet Coaster, and I had the build drawer open from the bottom of the screen and I could not see enough of the build area. You can drag it up and down however you want, but I only had a horizontal viewing area of the building area at my preferred drawer height of only maybe 5 inches or less. And here I am sitting with a triple monitor setup with a monitor on both sides of my main center screen and I am thinking with all the games like this, RPGs with inventory management, and whatever...

why isn't there a multi-monitor mode that uses the center screen for the action for say The Witcher 3, and then uses the right monitor to always have your inventory open or quest list/ journal or something? Wouldn't this make sense?

There are plenty of games that use triple monitor setups like racing and flying simulators as well as others, but what I am talking about has never been done on a PC game before.

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Re: Why don't games have a "multi-monitor" mode?

Postby Jehova's Wetnesses » Fri Oct 06, 2017 2:18 pm

A console port like witcher probably isn't ever going to support multiple monitors?

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