My tech hates me!

My tech hates me!

Postby Red Panda » Thu Sep 18, 2014 2:43 pm

So a few months ago my nephew and puppy used my laptop as a breakdancing mat best as I can tell. The screen is HAMMERED. Fast foreward while I was in the hospital someone spilled water on my tower. They knew enough to unplug it and let me deal with it. I dried it out inspected Mobo for scorch marks and found none. GPU and PSU were only things really horizontal and fan on top is a monster 140mm or some junk like think soccer ball could fit in it. Step down from 680gtx to 560ti and everything runs great.

Till yesterday when suddenly fan would rev up like a harrier trying to vtol and screen would black out. Couldn't get any keystrokes to work (ie would key press for vent mic to go hot but, wouldn't hear the notifier.) After about 6 of this I give up.

Now I have plugged my laptop into my monitor with an hdmi put a new hard drive in *a Seagate 1tb sshd and am now updating everything. All this with only 1 functioning arm and 1 working leg.

Ok all giggles have been had. WTF do I do with my tower? Start with replacing gpus first then psu? or viceversa? Advice from folks with more intelligence than my redneck self would be appreciated.
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Re: My tech hates me!

Postby comatone1982 » Thu Sep 18, 2014 4:59 pm

Which fan revved up? Psu or case?
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