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Posi's Application

PostPosted: Tue May 16, 2017 9:32 pm
by Posi
Screen Name: OculorumSpectrum
BLog: ... 541360/pc/
Here's a bonus: Cheatometer: ... umSpectrum
Not hacking, just comming to you guys straight.
Age: 18 as of last month
Mic: Yes
Discord: I use the website
Battlefield 3 is whats poppin.
Other games: bf 3, 4, 1, gtaV, are the shooters that come to mind
Other games that arent shooters are League, Rise of the TombR, rotmg.
Refs: [SKLr]NightHawk223 is a friend.

Add info:
Jesus there is not a single good server in NA anymore. I'm glad that at least this server is run by people with some sense and an actual map rotation. Also pineapple belongs on pizza.