Ban Appeal

Ban Appeal

Postby TT_Swiffer » Sun Apr 24, 2016 5:37 pm

Why hello there :D I was just banned
" Error Game disconnected: you have been banned from this server. Stated reason: Hacking/Cheating (Frankgt3) "

However, I do not hack/cheat. I can record to prove it if need be or if u actually observe me play it is pretty obvious. ... 824372877/ is the battle report that It came from, and if I was asked to back off I would have but no one said anything. Also, I took one hell of an ass whooping for multiple Infy rounds before that one so I didnt just come in to heli and then leave. Very few servers to play on these days and I am all for banning Hackers, but I am not one of them.

Also, my apologies as I just noticed this is not the right section to post this in. Would you like me to remove it and make a new one?
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Re: Ban Appeal

Postby Ace » Sun Apr 24, 2016 7:13 pm

So you're going to go by what ever one site says?

We DO NOT cheat. I'm planning to post a youtube video of gameplay including a video of my hands using my keyboard and mouse during the gameplay 'cause this is getting out of hand.

I understand the widespread use of hacks on BF3 lately has made every admin a little on edge, but because of the minuscule amount of populated servers left, its hard for us to find a server we can all play on and therefore I ask for you to take a good look at us before you ban us from your server for good.

We'll do whatever it takes, even if that includes gameplay from your game for you to verify that no hacks are being used.

Here is my Youtube Acesii There you can see my videos and see that I don't cheat.

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Re: Ban Appeal

Postby Frankgt3 » Sun Apr 24, 2016 7:52 pm

Word's final, ban stays.
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