Ban Appeal

Ban Appeal

Postby nmmmer12 » Sun Jan 08, 2017 7:07 pm

Your In game name: UCSweater
Server Name Banned from: Noobs Only! Learn to Play | Fast Respawn | Rank Cap | [SKL]
Admin who banned you?:Dont know
Please Describe What Happened: Was playing this server, probably was my 8th game today on the server and i was doing exceptionally well the game I got banned. Obviously looks fishy cause im level 11 demolishing lvl 100 ect. Was just having a good game with the MK11 MOD 0 also with the help of having 13 ping. The reason im level 11, bought the game last summer along with bf4, just got the yearning to play bf3 again, and its hard enough having to find a server to play on but also one with great connection.
Links to evidence in support of ban appeal: None
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