Ban Appeal

Ban Appeal

Postby Gregonator » Wed Jan 11, 2017 12:27 pm

Ban Appeal for:

Game: BF3
Your In game name: Gregonato
Server Name Banned from: Noobs Only! Learn to Play | Fast Respawn | Rank Cap | [SKL] Link
Admin who banned you?: I don't know
Please Describe What Happened: It was long time ago, something about July 2016. If I remember on next day when I was trying to play in your server. I get info about ban - reason: hacking. I was playing from a long time on this server, I met a lot of cheaters, but I never cheated. That's my first ban ever on any server. After few months break I'm going to return to BF3, I playing on others servers, but I care to return to skl server.
Links to evidence in support of ban appeal:
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