Ban Appeal

Ban Appeal

Postby SirDvy » Fri Dec 01, 2017 11:34 pm

I didn't write my post in this forum. It's just copied and pasted from my original post.

Hey Guys,

I was banned from this server today for "Hacking/Cheating" ... k-Cap-SKL/

I signed up the on this site because I really like this server because there are always people when I get on. Anyway, I was playing on OP metro and my team successfully planted the first set of bombs and then I saw one of my teammates push up to kill off any stragglers that are trying to get into the tunnels for the next phase. My teammate was killed by 2 guys and I pulled up with my M40 and the 2 guys lined up for a perfect headshot collat. I got a "nice" from one of my teammates and I was surprised too. It's not everyday I hit a headshot collat, especially on Battlefield. I think this caused me to get banned and I was wondering if an admin can lift my ban. Maybe my sniping caused someone to raise suspicions about me but I promise I wasn't cheating or breaking the rules. I only started playing PC a few months ago.

Game: BF3
Your In game name: SirDVY
Server Name Banned from: ... k-Cap-SKL/
Admin who banned you?: Don't know ;( I didn't check
Please Describe What Happened: headshot collat
Links to evidence in support of ban appeal: No evidence, wasn't recording on OBS

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