Ban Appeal - UUoodsy

Ban Appeal - UUoodsy

Postby Woodsy » Sat Dec 02, 2017 5:29 pm

Ban Appeal for:

Game: Battlefieled 3
Your In game name: UUoodsy
Server Name Banned from: Noobs Only! Learn to Play | Fast Respawn | Rank Cap | [SKL]
Admin who banned you?: I'm not sure.
Please Describe What Happened:

I played last night perfectly fine, I wasn't banned in game. I log on this morning to see that I can't connect because I am banned for Hacking/Cheating.
I recently started playing BF3 again and favourited this server as its the best connection to population from Australia. The last game I remember was Metro Rush where I used M230 Smokes to rush behind enemy lines and clear many baddies, I'm not the best BF3 player, but I do go very well in game. Again, I don't know for sure if that is the reason, I don't run any malware on my system nor would I ever intentionally. It could be an instance where the delay to the server may have seemed like it was lagging. But apart from that I honestly don't know what action(s) could have caused a ban. The only negative thing I have done was maybe call out teammates that steal my tank position/little bird whilst repairing, but it says Hacking/Cheating so that might not be it

Links to evidence in support of ban appeal:

I do not have any specific footage, but if you wish I can provide videos of 'epic moments' from that server I saved from Shadowplay.

Cheers for reading the post
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