How to raep a server

Re: How to raep a server

Postby WRX25T » Fri Feb 03, 2017 8:14 am

Elly wrote:I was talking to your friend about someones name, that's the one and only thing i want (and the last one)

His name is Sumtingwong. I see your English works well when you get mad. And please guy don't come in here calling people and autist and inbred the games like 5 years old now no one cares about your heavy breathing and jet kills except you and your 4 YouTube subscribers. /

I've never seen a pregnant Asian, I think they just spawn like in Call Of Duty.....

MrDeguello-"Please unban me. You're server is awesome, even tho i sometimes get so embarresed over my scores so that i need to log out and then back in again."

3lit3MIAU-"I fully stopped cheating months ago and now people still ban me because of things in the past"
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