Unruly and disrespectful players

Unruly and disrespectful players

Postby EUK007 » Fri Feb 02, 2018 2:54 pm

A few minutes ago while playing on the server these 3 players [CUCK]PresidentMahmoud, [CUCK]Cantankurass, [CUCK]mudbutt55 was very unruly and disrespectful to me. Particularly [CUCK]
PresidentMahmoud who deliberately annoys me by doing tbags and typing very personal profane language. These 3 players even do alternate thrash talks everytime i kill them which really gets into my nerves and to be honest lost my temper in the process. Instead of myself playing along with my team, i just lose my temper and type in message and throws back it to them.

Most players on the server knows me that im a respectful player and dont like to involved with nasty personal thrash talks to anyone on the server. Now my questions is, can we do something about these unruly and and disrespectful behavior of players?
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