Please reinstate the 750 spm autokick - too many cheaters

Please reinstate the 750 spm autokick - too many cheaters

Postby phungus420 » Mon May 21, 2018 12:41 am

Too many cheaters are joining with exceptionally annoying aimbots now. You guys used to have a 750 spm limit, requiring registration to get around. This was a good idea, as it autokicked cheaters. The difference in your server now when there is no admin on is night and day.

Also the votekick does nothing. They cheat for 10 minutes until enough people get frustrated and a votekick passes and then they just rejoin nearly instantly and keep cheating. It's really frustrating. I'm talking autoaim 1 shot kill bots have shut down the game every night the last week. Please reinstate the 750 spm autokick; also if any admin wants to see what I mean try logging into your server about this time any night and you'll see what I mean. If anyone is good enough to get 750 spm they should register anyway, especially on a noob server.

Thanks for your time,

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